Foto: ONUK; Anders S. Berg

In the exhibition and project MAGNET it was the intention to visualize specific scientific data and to relate to some relevant issues,
issues that we mostly not refer to in art and science. The visualized data are geomagnetic and metereological data. The geomagnetic
data are continnously supplied from four measuring stations in Northern Norway, including Bjørnøya in the Barent Sea and
Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen.
The metereological data are from a geostationary satellite, METEOSAT, positionend above the equator. The data used are from
the infrared band and are received every quarter of an hour. Data from only four specific areas are visualized i.e. Aalborg,
Roskilde, Guldborg (all DK), and Karlsruhe (DE).
There are four different visualizations of both the geomagnetic and the metereological data.. There is an exact defined relation
between the measuring values, the numerical data, and the colours which are used.
(See: Other works, additional texts MAGNET).